wildwood river press

Founded in 2008, Wildwood River Press is a confluence of the arts. This artist-run collaborative creates cross-media exhibitions and live performances. We publish creative work on the web and in print using open-source tools.

Our work emerges from contemporary issues, intertextual research, and multi-genre experimentation. Interested in open access and public arts, we explore alternative modes of bookmaking, publishing, and presentation. We employ linear forms such as print books and film and polyphonic forms such as hypertext and multi-channel installation. We examine the intersection between humans and machines (cellos, pencils, looms, computers). Our press (our mill) blends wood, wire, resin, pitch, thread, ink, grammar, syntax, algorithm, text/code to produce sound recordings, film, generative new media, and print books.


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contact us

Wildwood River Press

P.O. Box 3280
200 Mount Royal Shopping Center
Duluth, MN 55803-2633